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Friday, 26 February 2010

French Movie Afternoon - Mardi Gras

To celebrate Mardi Gras with a French flavour I organised a French movie afternoon and Crepe party on Sunday 21st of February at my place with a dozen French speaking friends and students.

The movie was "La Mome" - literally the kid / l'enfant - This is the story from the legendary French singer Edith Piaf. The movie is featuring the actress Marion Cotillard who was awarded a Cesar at the Oscar ceremony, let's note this is the first French movie ever to be awarded two Oscars

Was it a good choice for a light "crepe party" afternoon as the movie is Grand, Emotional, Sad and Captivating? I lightened the atmosphere with regular pauses, some of them were compulsory as we had a couple of technical issues with the DVD and some to pass around to the guests the tasy savoury and sweet crepes.

A bucket of crepes was perfumed (heavily :) with Rhum Charrette, from the Island of Reunion, a French Department in the Indian Ocean (Departement Outre Mer) next to Madagascar Island.

All in all it turned up a great social cultural event to practise French!

If you would like this type of events organised at your home, why not organise a French crepe party at your place for an evening or an afternoon with some built-in language lesson or French touch (music, movie), just outsource the whole to .... Veronique, contact me for information

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